Clinical Collaborations

Pre-Licensure Students (BSN, DABSN, and MN)

Our students train in numerous clinical sites in Atlanta and across the U.S., and the wide range of clinical experiences available means you’ll finish your degree with practical clinical training, prepared for nursing, research, and leadership. Clinical placements enrich the learning experience for students by giving them a real-world experience with patients in a health care environment.

Securing clinical placements is a process that requires a collaboration between students, faculty, and the Clinical Affairs Team. Every effort is made to achieve 100% successful clinical placement for every student. Due to regulatory requirements, COVID-19 restrictions, and health system constraints, on-time clinical placement cannot be guaranteed for all students.

Due to Board of Nursing and/or Higher Education regulations, clinical placements may not be accommodated in all areas of the country. Please discuss your preferences with your specialty faculty to be sure you understand all possible options.

Pre-Licensure Students (BSN, DABSN, and MN)


Pre-Licensure students will be placed in group clinical experiences in hospitals and community settings during their first 3 semesters. Pre-licensure students will complete a precepted clinical experience in a hospital and outpatient setting during their 4th semester. Most clinical experiences will take place within a 75-mile radius of Emory. Students must arrange their own transportation to their clinical placement.

APRN Students

APRN Students in the Atlanta Metro Region (MSN and DNP)

APRN students require specialized clinical placements to gain clinical skills as a nurse practitioner or midwife. Placements within the Atlanta Metro Region must be coordinated by the Clinical Affairs Team. Given the large number of health profession students in the area and the competition for sites, agencies and providers have asked that all local student placements be coordinated by a school representative. Students should not reach out to local Georgia sites to arrange their own placements. If students identify a possible local placement, they should contact their Placement Coordinator and they will work with the site to see if placement is possible. Students must arrange their own transportation to their clinical placement.

Post-Graduate Certificate Students

APRN Students Outside the Atlanta Metro Region(MSN and DNP)

APRN students located outside the Atlanta metro region take an active role in securing their own clinical placement in collaboration with the Clinical Affairs team. Due to regulatory requirements, NHWSN cannot accommodate clinical placements in all areas of the country. APRN students outside the Atlanta Metro Region are required to maintain an unencumbered RN license in the state where the clinical placement will occur. Some students may be required to secure multiple state licenses at their own expense. Students must arrange their own transportation to their clinical placement.

Transportation and Lodging

Post-Graduate Certificate students are required to identify their own clinical placements. The Clinical Affairs team will work with the student to ensure all contracts and credentialing are executed before the rotation begins. Students must arrange their own transportation to their clinical placement.

Clinical Sites

Students are responsible for their lodging and transportation to and from clinical placements. APRN students should be prepared to travel up to 150 miles from the School of Nursing.

Emory will make every reasonable effort to accommodate a student’s placement requests. State Board of Nursing and or State Higher Education Requirements vary by state and may limit clinical placement options for students.