Student Services


At the School of Nursing, we provide the resources our students need to be successful on campus and beyond. Click on the button to view the Nest Initiative which supports student success.


Peer Tutoring is offered by the School of Nursing Office of Enrollment and Student Affairs. Peer tutors will aid students by integrating learning strategies, reviewing, clarifying, and reinforcing course content, and developing constructive study tools. Students currently enrolled in a School of Nursing degree program can schedule an hour long session online. For additional information, message

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Emory Writing Center

The School of Nursing has partnered with the Emory Writing Center to offer support for SON students in all degree tracks. Writing tutors from the Center will assist with varied projects including course papers, dissertations chapters, articles, posters, abstracts, and grants.

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Emory Writing Center Website

Financial Aid Counseling

The School of Nursing recognizes the financial investment of an Emory nursing education. To help students make an Emory nursing education affordable, the school offers personalized financial aid counseling and personal finance workshops throughout the year.

NCLEX Preparation

The NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses) is a standardized examination designed to test knowledge, skills, and abilities deemed essential for entry level nursing practice. Graduates of the BSN, ABSN, and ABSN+MSN program options must take this exam in order to practice as a registered nurse. The NCLEX-RN exam is administered by state boards of nursing, as well as boards in the District of Columbia, and five US territories: American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The School of Nursing has created a NCLEX preparation site specifically for Emory nursing students.

Please view the website for specific instructions about preparing for the exam.

Health and Wellness - Stay Healthy at Emory

The emphasis on health and wellness is not to be missed at Emory, with student recreational programming, excellent fitness facilities, and the extensive resources of our Student Health Services.

Need help or know someone who does? Download this helpful guide with campus, state and national resources for mental illness and suicide prevention support.


Emory’s telehealth partnership with TimelyCare offers services designed to be helpful for all students, but especially those living out of state, including international students. This partnership will provide students with extended medical and mental health support. All enrolled students will be eligible to receive 24/7, no-cost Medical, TalkNow, and scheduled counseling.

For more information on TimelyCare, please refer to the following resources:

Description and Discussion for Students and Parents

Emory’s telehealth website, with FAQ:

TimelyCare’s FAQ for Emory:

Emory Counseling and Psychological Services

Emory University offers all students counseling and psychological services. More information about these services can be found at

Emory University Student Health Services

Emory University Student Health Services is located at 1525 Clifton Road. It provides a wide variety of outpatient clinical and health education services designed to meet the needs of Emory students.

Emory Community Hub

The Emory Community Hub was created during the coronavirus pandemic to help students interact through a virtual space. The Hub displays virtual and in-person events offered by schools and units from across campus.

Play Emory

Play Emory provides an academic and recreational health and wellness program for faculty, staff, and students through physical activity. The program aims to increase our community members’ physical, mental, and emotional health while give them skills and behaviors for long-term health.

Woodruff Physical Education Center

Known as the WoodPEC on campus, the Woodruff Physical Education Center is home to Emory’s Department of Health, Physical Education, and Dance and the Department of Athletics and Recreation. In addition, this is where Recreational Services provides opportunities in club sports, noncredit instructional and fitness classes, intramural sports, personal training, special events, and more. The building includes facilities for swimming, baseball, softball, indoor and outdoor tennis, track and field, soccer, basketball, golf, and much more.

Student Activity and Academic Center

The Student Activity and Academic Center provides facilities and opportunities to help its members grow in all areas of human development, including physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social development. It offers venues for swimming, tennis, basketball, and volleyball as well as strength and conditioning equipment. In addition, we showcase state-of-the-art classrooms and the Emory Market.