Global Engagement

International Visiting Scholars Program

This program is designed to provide scholars with an opportunity to engage in research and observation at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (NHWSN) at Emory University.

The Lillian Carter Center hosts approximately 2-6 international visitors annually. In recent years we have had visitors from China, Nigeria, South Korea, and brussels. Members of the Visiting Scholar Program are welcome to use the facilities and resources of the Nursing School in order to pursue their individual research projects. They may observe one course per semester, as long as space is available in the course selected and the professor gives permission for an observer. Visiting Scholar applicants are NOT to write directly to faculty members. Appropriate faculty members will be contacted if and when an invitation is issued to the applicant.

All visitors will have access to the Emory Library and the Internet and will receive training in the resources of the library and the School’s technology. Most visitors bring their own laptops. Please visit the Resources portion of the Nursing School website for computer specifications; this will ensure that your laptop will function within the Nursing School computing community during your visit. Secretarial support cannot be offered to visitors.

2 scholars (Roger Yau, and Seo Yun Kim) with Dean McCauley, David Smith and Lisa Nunez
2 scholars (Roger Yau, and Seo Yun Kim) with Dean McCauley, David Smith and Lisa Nunez

Visiting Scholars

Mi Young
Hee Jung
Seo Yun

How to Apply

To apply for our Visiting Scholar Program, please click on this link.

International Visiting Scholars generally come to the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (SON) through:

  • collaborative research projects with a SON faculty member, or as research or teaching associate for an academic department.
  • prior knowledge of individual faculty members and/or the reputation of the Department of the University
  • referral from national or international funding agencies, foundations, Fulbright commissions, IREX, foreign universities, foreign embassies or other reputable national and international organizations. 
  • SON partner institutions or other international initiatives.

Please note that while we anticipate welcoming you to NHWSN, acceptance will depend on following State and University safety guidelines.

  • Waivers of the TOEFL or IELTS requirement are granted on a case-by-case basis. To request a waiver, please include with your application a statement describing the reason for your request.
  • Visitors will be very welcome at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nurisng (NHWSN) for a maximum stay of one year. They are entitled to an Emory ID card, which allows them to use the facilities of the Nursing School and the University.
  • Visitors must provide the Lillian Carter Center office with accurate program start and end dates.  They must also plan to arrive on campus prior to their program start date.  Once dates are set, we are unable to change them so be certain of your plans before submitting dates.  Additionally, absences (of more than a few days) from NHWSN and the Visiting Scholar program are not covered by the Emory-sponsored visa, so please be certain you will be able to remain in residence at Emory for the duration of your Visiting Scholar program.
  • NHWSN is not in a position to provide career support to Visiting Scholars.  Though they are welcome to attend career-oriented events and workshops available to students, personalized career counseling, CV review, and services are reserved for students matriculated into the nursing programs.
  • Visitors are encouraged to bring their own laptop computers if they wish to use a particular foreign language software. Please visit the Library & Technology portion of the Emory University website for computer specifications; this will ensure that your laptop will function within the school computing community during your visit. The Nursing School has several computers that can be used at our buildings at 1520 Clifton Road and 250 E. Ponce by visitors; however, running foreign language software on them is not recommended and limits support in the event of problems with the machine.
  • Visitors are required to secure health insurance for themselves and their families.  Health insurance can be arranged in the visitor’s home country or in the U.S. upon arrival. Visitors should insure they have health insurance for ALL contingencies, as medical care in the U.S. is very expensive without insurance. Some scholars have been faced, for example, with extremely high charges for pregnancy-related health treatment.  Proof of insurance will be required on arrival at Emory University and registration with Emory’s International Student and Scholars (ISSS) office.
  • Visitors should not plan to work. They are expected to spend their time pursuing their research project and observing. In very exceptional cases, visitors may be allowed to work.  Permission is required from the Lillian Carter Center and visitors must comply with the requirements of Emory's ISSS office, which oversees the visa process.
  • Visitors will be asked to submit a brief 2–3-page report before their departure date that includes information on the research topic, progress made on the topic during the visit, how the research will benefit the visiting scholar's professional life (and sponsor, if applicable), and any administrative suggestions to the Lillian Carter Center.


  • One year visit to the visiting scholar program is $15,000
  • 6 months visit is $7,500
  • Payment is expected within two weeks of the visitor's arrival.
  • If you will be staying less than 6 months please email for approval of your visit.

Faculty/Staff International Travel

If you are traveling internationally on Emory business, Emory would like to ensure you have access to emergency support in case of assistance. The International SOS Office ask that we complete the International Travel Tracker form to provide basic essential information.

If you have any questions, please contact

Student International Travel

Students, please complete the correct International Tracker form based off of you traveling with The Lillian Carter Center or not.

If you have any questions, please contact