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Our goal is to provide quality HR services that promote a work environment characterized by fair treatment of employees, open communication, personal accountability, trust, and mutual respect.

Where to find us:

We are located on the 4th floor in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing building on Emory’s main campus near the Michael Street Parking deck.

About Us

SON Human Resources works with departments on all matters related to human resources management.  Our department manages all SON Human Resources operations and processes that including hiring, performance management, salaries, and assisting departments in their staffing needs and procedures.

SON HR supports all SON employees and supervisors by supplying advice and information concerning hiring, orientation, benefits, salary, employee relations, leaves of absences, training, professional development, and separations.

Professional Development


Staff are encouraged to become involved in organizations including organizations such as Staff Council (Staff Council | Emory University | Atlanta GA). SON HR plans to maintain on file a list of staff interested in being nominated. To become involved in any of these organizations with Emory University, please contact SON HR and indicate your interest.

SON Staff Governance (SON Staff Governance ( is another organization that provides opportunities for staff to be of service.  There is an opportunity to become a member of the Staff Governance Committee.  Candidates must meet the following:

  1. Be a School of Nursing staff member.
  2. Be selected through a nomination process, in which self-nomination is allowed.
  3. A probationary period of three months of employment must be completed before a new staff member can become a part of SGC.

If you desire to help coordinate events and activities, School Life Committee might be the committee for you. School Life Committee is a school-wide body responsible for coordinating events and activities that serve the entire community of the School of Nursing, such as service projects, celebration of holidays, faculty and staff award ceremonies, and other community-based events; evaluating each event in a de-briefing session to determine success, expenses, attendance, etc. in an effort to note areas for improvement with future events. Committee membership consists of ten members of the faculty and staff with a Chair and Co-Chair who rotate every two years. If interested in joining for the 2024-2025 school year, please reach out to or  

Mentor Emory Program

The Mentor Emory program provides individuals with one-to-one partnering that enhances the growth of both the mentee and the mentor. No matter what your professional goals are or where you are in your career, you can benefit from this program.

Mentor Emory Program goals are to:

  • Foster the professional growth of both mentors and mentees
  • Provide enhanced communication and connectivity
  • Instill a sense of belonging amongst participants
  • Help Emory retain talent

View Mentor Emory Page

Professional development is one of the University’s three strategic pillars for diversity and inclusion strategy. SON encourages employees to actively pursue professional development and to reach their full potential professionally and personally.

The Staff Governance Committee

The responsibility of committee is to promote and provide professional development and individual career support to university staff through education, training, mentoring, networking, and communication.

SON Staff Governance (

Learning & Organizational Development

Emory’s Learning and Organizational Development offers an array of Learning Labs, training courses, and certificate programs.

Leadership Development

To ensure our leaders are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, we offer several development programs for every stage of leadership.

Leadership Development | Emory University | Atlanta GA

General Courses 

You can customize your own professional development by choosing general enrollment courses from any of the following categories.

General Courses | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Supervisory Series

These short sessions cover topics such as providing feedback, motivating employees, cultivating resistance to stress, surviving work-life during a pandemic, and more.

Supervisory Series | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Administrative Professional Program

This program enables administrative staff to build professional relationships and make meaningful contributions within their careers.

Administrative Professionals | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Learning Labs

These courses are designed to help you build your skills and expand your learning in a quick and cost-effective way.

Learning Labs | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Upcoming Courses

Browse the current list of virtual and in-person courses currently being offered.

Upcoming Courses | Emory University | Atlanta GA

HR Rep

The courses below serve Emory’s community of HR Reps. HR Reps provide facilitation and support for employment functions and processes at all levels throughout the university.

Your Learning | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Emory University employees have access to a variety of self-learning classes and tools that provide personal and professional growth in job and people skills.

Professional Development and Training | Emory University | Atlanta GA

Process For All Professional Development Requests

  • Discuss your professional development plans with your supervisor and receive approval before submitting request or signing up for any classes.
  • Complete the request form in its entirety.
  • The request should include how this professional development course will impact your current position as well as growth to the SON. 
  • Be prepared to present to your team or at an all staff meeting after completing the class.
  • Requests will be reviewed each month and employee will be notified of approval.
  • Please do not use personal funds to pay for professional development classes.
  • When you are submitting expense reimbursements, be sure use program code 80285 – SON: Professional Development.

Employees interested in professional development are required to complete the request for professional development via this link:


Hiring Staff

Departments and units must submit a staff new position form to initiate staff searches under a variety of circumstances: 

  1. A staff member resigns, retires, or separates for any reason and must be replaced. 
  2. A department/unit needs an additional staff to meet expanding needs. 

Complete the new staff position form. Your HR team will assist you through the hiring process.

Screening Candidates

Once posted, applicants will apply to the position. Employment University Recruiting will screen and refer a pool of candidates who meet all necessary requirements to the department via iCIMS. The department-level hiring official will then review the candidate pool to determine who to interview. At minimum, three candidates should be interviewed. Please be sure to note in iCIMS those who are interviewed.

SON HR assists in screening candidates for Academic Department Administrators/Lead Staff positions.

If the pool does not provide the needed candidates, please reach out to us and request an additional pool of candidates. Only request additional candidates after screening the current pool of candidates.

Please note when considering finalists that the pre-employment process can take up to 2 weeks.

Search & Interview Process

Departments are encouraged to assemble search committees to manage the search process and carry out tasks including review of candidates and setting up interviews. The Recruiting Specialist will check employment references (SkillSurvey).

Search committees are usually formed to fill staff positions such as the Academic Department Administrator or Lead Staff and include the Chair and one or two department faculty.  It is not appropriate to have any departing employee or current staff that will report to the position on the search committee. 

SON HR assists in the interviewing and hiring process for Academic Department Administrators/Lead Staff and other supervisory positions.

The Offer

In addition to noting the candidate’s status in iCIMS, the department should contact their Recruiting Specialist and SON HR once a finalist has been chosen.

No offer can be extended prior to references being completed. Once the Recruiting Specialist and SON HR have reviewed the results of the references and approved the salary, the department may extend a verbal offer.

To ensure that equity and budget review considerations have been completed, all starting salaries are vetted by SON HR and the Recruiting Specialist. After the salary has been reviewed and approved, the department may make a verbal offer to the candidate.

New Staff Hire Orientation and Resources

New staff employees can review their orientation action items on the Emory University HR New Hires page.

New staff employees can also register for an upcoming New Employee Welcome Session. Presented by Emory University's central Human Resources division, the New Employee Welcome Session does not replace department/division-level orientation. The session is offered via Zoom and will:

  • Provide an overview of the University’s culture and mission
  • Explains the array of benefits and programs that are available to employees

SON New Hire Orientation

All new staff employees are required to attend the New Hire Orientation. SON’s New Hire Orientation will include a session with HR, IT, Finance, Staff Governance, and Operations. You will receive pertinent information at the orientation from each of these departments. The details of orientation are mentioned in the Welcome email that you will receive after accepting the offer. Orientation is held at the School of Nursing on campus.

Onboarding Tools

Helpful Links

Hiring Students

According to HR policy regarding student employment, a student employee is an Emory student who works for Emory for pay who is a current and is in an active status.  Students may be employed only in a temporary (employment) status. Emory students enrolled in post graduate programs will be considered for regular employment status with Emory on a case-by-case basis.

All student hires in the School of Nursing must be submitted via the electronic student hire form. Please click the link – to complete the new student hire form. Your HR team will assist you through the hiring process.  

A student must NOT start working until they have completed the I-9 process and have been approved to begin working.

Federal Work Study Students

Work Study students are 75% funded by the federal government. The hiring department covers the remaining 25% of funding. During the initial recruiting process, departments should make every effort to hire work-study student employee(s) first. The FWS program has helped numerous Emory departments get the help they need while keeping their annual budgets intact.

Students must have applied for, received financial aid, and accepted their award. Work Study students are generally allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment, and 40 hours per week during periods of non-enrollment.

Information and forms related to student hiring including work-study hires, and work study supervisor's handbook is available at the Office of Financial Aid's Student Employment page.


Timecards for Biweekly Students

Biweekly students and are required to use Kronos Web Clocking to record their “in” and “out” timestamps for each day worked. Once a bi-weekly student's hire record is approved in PeopleSoft, they will receive an automated email with clocking instructions.

Department Supervisors Approve Timecards

Department supervisors must approve the students’ timesheets in Emory Timecard Adjustment System (ETAS). The timecard review and approval process should be completed prior to the ETAS deadline each pay period to prevent errors in pay.

If you require additional assistance to complete a task, send an email to Emory University Payroll or call the Payroll Department at 404-727-6100.

Hiring Faculty

The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing is committed to attracting diverse world-class faculty to advance the School’s mission to educate visionary nurse leaders and scholars, generate and apply knowledge, and transform nursing, health, and systems of health care within the local and global community. We are seeking applications for doctorally prepared clinical track faculty to advance our teaching and scholarship mission. We invite applications from doctorally-prepared individuals with experience as nurse educators and focused area of educational or clinical scholarship. Priority will be given to individuals who can teach across a wide array of clinical topics at the pre-licensure level and for individuals who have certification and current or recent practice as advanced practice registered nurses (APRN’s). Individuals prepared as family nurse practitioners, adult-gero primary care nurse practitioners, adult-gero acute care nurse practitioners, pediatric primary care and pediatric acute care nurse practitioners are particularly needed.

Prospective Faculty Site

Resources / Forms

Workforce Resources

Forms & Policies


We are located on the 4th floor in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing building on Emory’s main campus near the Michael Street Parking deck.

Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
1520 Clifton Road (Suites 439, 441)
Atlanta, GA 30322

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