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Transforming the Future of Frontline Nursing Research

Project NeLL is Emory School of Nursing’s dynamic, hands-on suite of apps for teaching, learning, and practicing nursing data science. Some of the things NeLL lets you do:

  • Explore big data from electronic health records
  • Extract insights
  • Download data sets directly to your computer

Project NeLL was designed by nurses for nurses and our fellow healthcare leaders, meaning it’s made to address the everyday frustrations of data-driven research; and its interface is intuitive to use, regardless of how much (or little) you already know about big data.

Project NeLL Data

Explore data on your own—find what you need

NeLL lets you search data from 800+ million de-identified electronic health records (representing 1+ million patients); and it will continue to grow as new data sets are added. These data span:

  • Diverse healthcare settings
  • Countless conditions
  • All levels of care
  • And soon they will include COVID-19 data as well

Unlike many other databases, NeLL gives nurses the freedom to explore data on their own. While our data scientists are here to help when you need them, you can access NeLL’s portal from anywhere, on your own time. NeLL’s straightforward search function and our comprehensive data dictionary are just a couple of the features that make it easy for you to use NeLL independently.

Access Project NeLL

Project NeLL will be available to nursing schools across the US starting this winter, but right now, it’s being pilot tested by select early schools and researchers. To become a NeLL test site:

  1. Contact
  2. Share your research goals with our data scientists
  3. Work with our team to make a personalized plan for your school

We cannot wait to see what you accomplish with Project NeLL!

Questions? Contact our team at or Rose Hayes, Senior Manager of Communications, at

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