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Recruiters and health systems turn to Emory School of Nursing for faculty, student, and alumni nurse leaders who advance nursing knowledge and practice. From faculty consulting to student initiatives to research collaborations and more, we enhance your organization’s impact.

Faculty Consulting Opportunities

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Consult with Renowned Faculty

Our faculty provide consultation to wide variety of organizations related to health care delivery, design, new product development, beta testing, and more.

Faculty Consulting

Emory School of Nursing faculty are engaged in consulting activities with many industry leaders. Faculty consulting contributes to the nursing profession and ensures that Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing faculty and researchers are at the forefront of developments in their respective fields.

Meet Our Faculty Experts

To consult with one of our faculty experts, visit our faculty directory that contains detailed information about each faculty member's research activities and areas of expertise.

Research Collaborations

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Collaborative Nursing Partnerships

Emory School of Nursing faculty collaborate with a wide variety of leading organizations.

Emory School of Nursing has collaborative partnerships with organizations such as Emory Healthcare, Marcus Autism Center, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and more to develop research that impacts patient care.

Examples of Research Collaborations


This collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public Health and community partners provides integrated healthy eating, physical activity, and language nutrition training and educational materials for early childhood educators, who will model good language and food nutrition practices, and teach families to adopt these healthy behaviors at home.

Integrated Memory Care Clinic

A partnership of Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Department of Neurology, and the Department of Psychiatry, the Integrated Memory Care Clinic is a nurse-led medical home, specializing in primary care for people living with dementia. The clinic is a  Level III accredited program, the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s highest U.S. News ranking for medical homes, and is first nurse-led medical home in the Emory Healthcare system.  

Children's Environmental Health Center

Researchers in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, Rollins School of Public Health, the Emory School of Medicine and Emory College of Arts and Sciences are working with community partners to conduct several parallel, interdisciplinary studies to examine the complex interactions between toxicant exposures, microbes that reside in and on our bodies, called the microbiome, and their impact on birth outcomes, infant health, and neurodevelopment among African American mothers and babies in Atlanta. The center is one of only five children’s environmental health centers nationwide and is the only center focused on the microbiome and African American mothers and babies.

Tele-Savvy Online Psycho-educational Program

School of Nursing researchers are working with the Atlanta VA Medical Center, and community members to refine and test the online delivery of a well-established, in-person, evidence-based psychoeducation program, called Savvy Caregiver,. The program provides support and education for informal caregivers (family and friends) of people with Alzheimer's disease or another dementia.

Product Development & Testing Partnerships

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Improving Industry Standards

The School of Nursing has been instrumental helping industry to create better products to help improve patient care and health outcomes.

Using our network across Emory and partnerships with other institutions like Georgia Tech, we bring together multidisciplinary teams to help industry create products with input from nurses and other professionals who use those products regularly.

Examples of Innovation

Phillips Lighting

Phillips Lighting needed to test a new natural lighting system in hospital rooms that could improve patient sleep and lead to faster recovery and better outcomes. Through a partnership between the Emory School of Nursing and Georgia Tech’s multidisciplinary SimTegrate Design Lab, a team of Emory Healthcare nurses, physical and respiratory therapists, dieticians, and physicians advised on related issues under the leadership of Susan Shapiro, associate dean for clinical and community partnerships.

Hill-Rom Company

Hill-Rom Company, the leading hospital bed manufacturer, changed its approach from simply supplying hospital beds as medical equipment, to asking how the bed might help improve patient sleep and recovery during hospital stays. The School of Nursing’s associate dean for clinical and community partnerships assembled a team of Emory Healthcare nurses to advise Hill-Rom on developing a model to test the factors and events that disrupt sleep. Temperature, light, noise, and pain have an impact on sleep, and Hill-Rom can address these issues in designing a better hospital bed to increase sleep quality and duration for inpatients.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta sought to solve design challenges associated with its clinics where patients range from age zero to twenty-two and require different sizes of equipment, exam rooms, information for checking in and checking out, and more. Assistant Professor Ashley Darcy-Mahoney at Emory’s School of Nursing cotaught a course at Georgia Tech to students across many disciplines, from architecture to nursing. Student projects were carried out in full-scale working model clinic rooms, and led to avatars and mobile phone apps to assist with patient flow and improve wait times, flexible room designs with moving walls, simplified (less threatening) clinic designs.

For more information about how Emory School of Nursing partners with corporations and health systems, please contact:

Susan Baker
Director of Corporate and External Relations

Clinical and Educational Partnerships

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Preparing the Next Generation of Nurses

School of Nursing students maintains partnerships with more than 500 clinical sites in Atlanta and across the United States, providing students with a wide range of clinical experiences  and specializations across the continuum of care.

The School of Nursing students maintains partnerships with more than 500 clinical sites in Atlanta and across the United States, providing student with hands-on training in a range of different specialties and clinical environments across the continuum of care – from governmental agencies and public health to community hospitals to corporate and specialty clinics. Preceptors and clinical sites prepare students to apply their skills and evidence-based approaches in the realities of actual practice, preparing them to succeed in emerging health care models that emphasize teamwork, care coordination, and prevention.

The School of Nursing and Atlanta Birth Center academic and clinical partnership provides students with experience and training in the birth process outside of the hospital setting. The midwife-led Atlanta Birth Center is the only freestanding birth center in Atlanta and one of only 300 such facilities nationwide. As the nation faces severe shortages in women’s health providers, the partnership between Emory and the Atlanta Birth Center provides future midwives an important clinical training site and access to a team of experienced nurse-midwife mentors and preceptors. Atlanta Birth Center midwives will assume an active role in the School of Nursing’s Nurse Midwifery program and dual specialties, assisting in case conferences and simulations in the Wesley Woods Graduate Simulation Center, as well as other educational and advisory activities.

Atlanta Veterans Medical Center (VAMC)

Emory's relationship with the Atlanta VAMC dates back more than 70 years. Emory nursing faculty and Atlanta VA Medical Center (VAMC) nurses partner on curriculum for specialty education in veteran care for BSN and MSN students. BSN students complete two years of courses at Emory and clinical rotations at the VAMC, focused on a wide spectrum of veteran care, including mental health, traumatic brain injury (TBI), home-based health, women's health, and homeless care. Over the course of four semesters, MSN students receive a stipend for clinical practice hours that include advanced training in primary care, women's wellness, mental health, geriatrics, home-based primary care, palliative care, and HIV/AIDS care.

Cabin Creek Health System

School of Nursing graduate students participate each year in a two-week immersion program in West Virginia through several Federally-Qualified Health Center clinics.  Students gain experience in health promotion, chronic disease management and acute illness care across the entire spectrum from pediatric to geriatric patients.

Faculty Speakers Bureau

Our faculty experts are available to speak at your organization. Their areas of expertise are wide, including oncology, environmental health, women’s health, and global health.

Emory Nursing faculty have wide areas of expertise, including oncology, environmental health, women’s health, and global health. Let us know what topics are important to you, and we can find a faculty expert who will fit your needs.

Areas of Expertise

Our faculty is comprised of internationally-recognized health care educators, researchers, and clinicians from nursing, medicine, and public health. Visit our areas of expertise page for a sampling of our faculty and their specialties.

Faculty Directory

Our students benefit from an intimate learning environment led by internationally-recognized experts in nursing. Our researchers are developing cutting-edge health interventions for populations around the globe. Search our faculty directory.

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