The Lillian Carter Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility

Named for President Jimmy Carter's Mother, Miss Lillian, The Lillian Carter Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility, dedicated in 2001, has a rich history of educational, practice and research offerings.

At NHWSN, we are preparing nurses to become globally engaged citizens and The Lillian Carter Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility (LCC) serves as the hub of global education, research, practice, and engagement.


The LCC's mission is to help improve the health of vulnerable people worldwide through nursing education, research, practice, and policy.

We define global health broadly, encompassing both global research outside of the United States and local research in the United States with immigrant/vulnerable communities.  The LCC ensures that global research and health, service learning, and social responsibility are infused throughout the curriculum and educational experience for our students.


The guiding philosophy of the Lillian Carter Center is reflective of the work of Mrs. Lillian Carter as both nurse and social activist. The LCC focuses on enabling nurses to address key health problems and issues of underserved peoples. The overall philosophy reflects an understanding of the multiple factors that determine health and the need for a strong public health orientation in all of its work.

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Nursing Research in Global Health
Our focus on internationally oriented nursing research or research collaborations including the NHWSN International Nursing Research Conference
Service Learning and Social Responsibility Globally and Locally
Students are provided and encouraged to explore opportunities for service learning as part of their nursing education by traveling domestically or internationally to one of our partner locations. Some of our long-standing partnerships include the Farmworker Family Health Program in Moultrie, Georgia, the Clarkston Community Health Center,  Haiti, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Ethiopia.
Global Engagement
The LCC works in partnership with local, national and global organizations – many headquartered here in Atlanta and with the on campus resources the Emory Global Health Institute and the Emory Office of Global Strategies and Initiatives.

The Lillian Carter Center (LCC) serves as the hub of global engagement in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (NHWSN). To expand the NHWSN's global influence, dividing its efforts into three classifications, each addressing a specific topic.

The concentration of efforts into these three complementary components support the School of Nursing's vision of achieving consistent recognition as one of the world's leading nursing schools and improving the school's position in international rankings that evaluate nursing schools from all nations for global reputation and impact. The NHWSN builds on the present strength in research, its strong overall reputation and its effective existing program to encourage and support outbound student engagement.

Faculty and Staff

Here is the talented team supporting our mission.


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