Project NeLL

About NeLL

Transforming the Future of Frontline Nursing Research

Project NeLL is radically transforming the way nurses think about—and tackle—the problems they encounter at the frontlines of care. This powerful suite of apps for teaching, learning, and practicing nursing data science is enabling nurses across the US to lead data-driven solutions to healthcare’s top challenges. With immediate access to more than 2.7 billion de-identified health records and 37+ trillion data points from across the care continuum, NeLL means any nurse can find innovative solutions for health systems that no longer work.

About NeLL

Explore data on your own—find what you need

Designed by nurses for nurses, Project NeLL’s searchable big data repository is fast, easy, and intuitive—no matter how much you already know about data-driven research. Some of the things NeLL lets you do:

  • Measure and show nursing’s impact on health systems
  • Learn and teach best practices in data-driven nursing leadership  
  • Explore vast stores of health records data to answer research questions    
  • Look at nursing-sensitive data, including national quality indicators
  • Leverage our comprehensive data dictionary to understand database elements
  • Download data sets directly to your computer (data sets are clean, organized and de-identified, spanning 2012-2021, with new data added regularly)

What Sets NeLL Apart

Project NeLL is unique for many reasons, from the fact that its data span specialties and care settings, to its inclusion of nursing-sensitive data, to the fact that users can explore and download datasets on their own.  

NeLL is distinct because of its learning and teaching features as well, which are designed to help schools prepare the next generation of nurse scientists. Project NeLL addresses decades-long barriers to digitally enabling nurses for the 21st Century healthcare landscape. Among its teaching features, NeLL’s portal will soon include a series of self-led courses. These courses are being developed in partnership with IBM Global University Programs and Emory Nursing Experience, our national continuing education enterprise.

Use Cases

Who’s Using NeLL?

Undergraduate to advanced practice nurses are already leveraging this remarkable tool to change people’s lives. Their projects have revealed critical insights such as racial disparities in opioid administration among breast cancer patients, a cost value for nurse anesthetists, and factors predicting death for people with pressure ulcers, to name a few.

Emory Nursing faculty and students—and partner organizations like Emory Healthcare and Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia—are showing NeLL’s diverse applications in education and research. Pilot testing was completed by Emory Nursing students, from the undergraduate to doctoral level, in 2019-2020; and focus group testing was done in collaboration with the American Nurses Informatics Association (ANIA) in March, 2021.

Project NeLL is launching nationally in Summer 2021, with beta test sites now being established across the U.S.



How to Access Project NeLL 

To become a Project NeLL test site: 

  1. Contact
  2. See a demo  
  3. Collaborate with our team to make a personalized research and education plan

For inquiries about data integration or partnership, contact Rose Hayes, Emory School of Nursing’s Director of Engagement at