Nurses Alumni Association

Board Members

The Nurses' Alumni Association's mission is to strengthen relationships among alumni worldwide, provide lifelong learning and leadership opportunities, to advance nursing practice, education, and service and to enhance the image of the nursing profession.

You are part of the more than 9,000 school of nursing alumni living around the world. By working with other alumni and the School, we can help shape the future for the generations of nurses.

Board Members

Nurses' Alumni Association Board Members

The mission of the Nurses' Alumni Association Board is to provide a representative alumni body that will advise the NAA, work collaboratively with the office of alumni relations to provide leadership for developing programs that engage alumni and promote participation and support for Emory’s annual fundraising and scholarship efforts for advancement of the school and its mission. See below for the current NAA Board Members. If you would like to send a message to the Board or are interested in learning more about board member or committee member volunteer opportunities, please email

President - Kay Bohanan Kennedy 80Ox 82N

President-Elect - Donte Flanagan 04Ox 06BSN 10MSN

Past-President - Cheryl Seavey Murphy 77BSN

  • Taryn Connelly 17BSN
  • Colleen Closson 18ABSN
  • Beverly del Carmen Beck 15BSN 18MSN
  • Donte Flanagan 04Ox 06BSN 10MSN
  • Chelsea Hagopian 12BSN 14MSN 18DNP
  • Kay Kennedy 80Ox 82BSN 90MSN
  • Cherie Kunik 98MSN
  • Kay Lawton 78BSN 84MN
  • Cheryl Seavey Murphy 77BSN
  • Corie Oliver 02OX 04BSN 10MSN

Emeritus Members

  • Rose Cannon 74MN
  • Betty Daniels 51BSN 67MN
  • Barbara Reed 57BSN 79MN
  • Betty Marie Stewart 52BSN

Ex Officio Members

  • Imelda Reyes 08MSN - Faculty Representative
  • Susie Reynolds 06BSN - Emory Alumni Board Representative
  • Alison Moran Thompson - Assistant Dean of Advancement and Alumni Engagement, Senior Director of Development
  • Linda McCauley 79MN - School of Nursing Dean


Nominations and Awards Committee

The Nominations and Awards Committee will identify and recruit qualified alumni for Board and committee vacancies. The committee will also solicit and review annual nominations for the Alumni Awards to promote the mission of the NAA and to recognize contributions to the NAA, School of Nursing and/or nursing community at large.  The slate for both the Board and award nominations will be presented and approved by the Board.  The committee will also assist NHWSN Office of Advancement and Alumni Engagement staff in qualifying nominees for University and community awards.

Recent Graduate Committee

The Recent Graduate Committee will be responsible for encouraging alumni involvement of event attendance, volunteerism and philanthropic gifts, particularly by those alumni who have graduated in the past ten years.

Student to Alumni Committee

The committee will host networking events, help students with career counseling, various mentoring needs and provide support to students throughout their time at the school. This committee will work to involve alumni from different stages and ages in life and in various nursing roles (i.e. bedside, research, NP, etc). The group’s ultimate goal is to foster a strong support system of alumni for current students.


Nurses' Alumni Association Benefits


The NAA hosts events throughout the year, including Homecoming & Alumni Weekend, guest lectures, networking events, student mentoring opportunities, and more. Check out our alumni events calendar for details about our upcoming events.

Class Reunions

During Homecoming Weekend, nursing alumni return to campus to celebrate their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 45-year reunions. Alumni who graduated at least 50 years ago are invited back to campus each year during commencement. These alumni are part of an exclusive group called Corpus Cordis Aureum, which is Latin for the golden corps of the heart.

Emory Nursing Magazine

Emory Nursing Magazine is published twice per year by the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. You can access the digital version of the magazine online.

Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library

Nursing alumni can access resources at the Woodruff Health Sciences Library, which houses more than 148,886 volumes of information.

Emory Alumni Association

The Emory Alumni Association (EAA) helps Emory's 133,000 alumni get informed about, get connected to, and get involved with their alma mater.

The EAA hosts presidential and faculty speakers, networking and professional gatherings, social events, and many more activities on the Emory campus, across the country, and around the world. The EAA keeps the spirit of Emory alive through its alumni and wants alumni to feel connected to the University so that you understand no matter where you are, Emory is with you. Click here to learn more about getting involved with the Emory Alumni Association.

Mission Statement

Nurses’ Alumni Association Mission
The mission of the Nurses’ Alumni Association (NAA) is to advance the school’s mission by promoting lifelong relationships among alumni and strengthening their connection to the school through social, professional and philanthropic opportunities.

Nurses’ Alumni Association Board Mission
The mission of the Nurses’ Alumni Association (NAA) Board is to represent the alumni body, serve as ambassadors, and collaborate with the school to lead efforts through engagement and philanthropy with students and alumni.