Emory Student Nurses Association

Board of Directors

The Emory Student Nurses Association (ESNA) is a constituent of the Georgia Association of Nursing Students and the National Student Nurses Association.

The ESNA represents all undergraduate nursing students attending the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, giving them direct input into standards of nursing education and allowing them to influence the education process; to actively participate in legislative and community activities to improve health care and the resolution of related social and professional issues; to support and encourage participation in undergraduate School of Nursing organization chartered by ESNA; to promote and encourage collaborative relationships with GANS, NSNA, and other health-related organizations; and to serve and function as the student government of the School of Nursing.

Board of Directors

  • President: Amber Lee Wilson
  • Vice-President: Inayah Shabazz
  • Treasurer: Pamela Liou
  • Secretary: Michelle Garcia
  • Breakthrough to Nursing Director: Nathalie Paul
  • Sentinel Editor/Media Liaison: Kayla Allen
  • Community Service Director: Ana Maria Blasini
  • Legislative Director: Emma Freeborn
  • Nominations and Elections Director: Jessica Sierra Martinez
  • Social Director: Sara Martinez Sanchez
  • Public Relations Director: Joanna Chang
  • SGA Representative: Kayla Arroyo
  • Senior SGA Representative: Victoria Ferlauto
  • Senior Class Representative: Izzie Theunissen
  • Junior Class Representative: Kasie Lee
  • ESNA/EGHNA Representative: Catrina Smith
  • ABSN Class Representative: Lauren Oberrender
  • D-ABSN Representative: Joi Mainoo
  • ESNA Advisors: Melissa Owen and Helen Baker
  • ESNA/EMSNA Representative:
  • AMSN Class Representative:

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is a publication of the Emory Student Nurses Association and is published five times during the academic year.

Guidelines for submitting an article: Submissions for the Sentinel should be no longer than 450 words and should be typed single space. The editorial staff handles the editing and the layout of materials. Photographs are welcomed and encouraged.

Any questions about The Sentinel or materials should be submitted via e-mail to The Sentinel Editor.

Legislative Resources

American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants


The AALNC promotes the professional advancement of registered nurses consulting within the legal arena by providing a forum for education and exchange of information.

National League for Nursing Legislative Resources


Resources Available:

How to Reach Elected Officials
Issues and Legislation Effecting the Nursing Profession Elections and Candidate Information
Links to Media Contacts

National Student Nurses Association Legislative Resources


Finding Your Voting District/Legislators


Governor Kemp https://gov.georgia.gov/governor
Georgia Representatives http://www.house.ga.gov/Representatives/en-US/HouseMembersList.aspx?Sort=District&Session
Georgia Senators http://www.senate.ga.gov/senators/en-US/FindyourLegislator.aspx
U.S. House of Representatives https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
U.S. Senators:Saxby Chambliss (R) http://www.senate.gov/~chambliss/
Zell Miller (D) http://www.senate.gov/~miller/
White House http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Law Making: How a Bill Becomes a Law


A. Conceived by individual legislator

B. Conceived by Study Committee, Ad Hoc Committee, Interim Committee

C. Conceived by citizen or citizens' group

D. Conceived by special interest group or lobby


A. Drafted by any of above mentioned groups or individuals utilizing private legal resources

B. Drafted by legislative counsel on behalf of individual legislator, legislative committee, or subcommittee

C. Copied after legislation in other states


A. Filed with Clerk of House of Representatives

B. Read for first time (by title) to entire House by Clerk (assigned to committee by Speaker)

C. Read second time automatically on next legislative day Committee


A. Chairman sets date for action on bill, notifies interested parties

B. Interested persons testify, for and against

C. Committee votes with several options available

1. Recommend  for bill in original form

2. Recommend for bill with committee amendment

3. Recommend for bill as substituted by committee

4. Recommend for bill either in original form or in amended or substituted form

5. Pass bill with no recommendation

6. Hold bill / no action Bill (if given recommendation) Returned To House

A. Placed on calendar

B. Called by Speaker for third reading and vote

C. Bill debated on floor / Bill may be amended or substituted on floor by majority vote

D. Bill passed or defeated by majority vote (2/3 vote required for tax measure or constitutional amendment resolution) To The Senate Bills that pass the House, in whatever form, are transmitted to the Senate where a similar process takes place Return To House. Senate amendments require House approval If House concurs with Senate amendment in its entirety, measure is passed and sent to the Governor If House disagrees with the Senate amendment or changes any other language, bill is assigned to conference committee composed of three house and three senate members Conference committee may rewrite entire bill or resolve differences on conflicting language Conference committee report read in House and Senate which accepts or rejects the report If accepted the bill is passed If either chamber rejects the conference report, the measure is assigned to new conference committee or allowed to die

Bill Goes To Governor

A. Governor may sign the bill into law

B. May veto the bill

C. Bills not acted on will automatically become law (has 6 days during session and 40 days after session)

Veto Override

General Assembly may override a veto by 2/3 vote and measure becomes law.

Bills that the GNA is proposing can be read in their entirety at http://www.legis.state.ga.us

The general assembly is in session from January through March

NCLEX Resources

  • National Council of State Boards of Nursing
  • NSNA Preparing for Licensure as a Registered Nurse
  • NCLEX Course Review
  • Nursing Made Insanely Easy

Nursing Student Organizations

  • Georgia Association of Nursing Students
  • National Student Nurses Association