Zahra A. Barandouzi

Zahra A. Barandouzi

Assistant Professor, tenure track


Dr. Zahra A. Barandouzi is an Assistant Professor at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University and a member of the Winship Cancer Institute. Her research interests focus on patient-reported outcomes, cancer symptom science and management, omics science, and health disparities. Dr. Barandouzi is currently investigating how the interaction of multilevel social determinants of health with the gut-brain axis contributes to developing and maintaining psychoneurological symptoms in cancer survivors. The results of her work will provide an essential foundation for designing precise interventions using AI to relieve symptoms in the cancer population. Dr. Barandouzi's mission as a cancer researcher is to uncover novel insights to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Biological Behavioral Omics
Health Disparities
Symptom Science


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Dr. Barandouzi has broad experience teaching courses such as "Maternal and Child Health" and "Methods of Research in Medical Sciences" to nursing students and nursing staff working at bedsides. Also, during her graduate program and postdoctoral training, she has worked as a teaching assistant for clinical simulation and mentored undergraduate students to prepare abstracts and papers. Her teaching interests focus on research methods, oncology nursing, evidence-based practice, and women’s health. Dr. Barandouzi's teaching philosophy centers around active learning. This includes engaging students in the learning process using research-based learning methods and encouraging them to participate, collaborate, and think critically to prepare nursing students for real-world challenges where interactive and adaptive problem-solving is essential.


Dr. Barandouzi’s research interests lie in symptom assessment to implement innovative interventions to manage symptoms in cancer populations and reduce disparities in cancer outcomes. Various funding agencies supported her research, including the American Nurses Foundation, the Southern Nursing Research Society, Sigma Theta Tau, and intramural funds. Dr. Barandouzi actively contributes to the scholarly community as a manuscript reviewer for numerous interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Scientific Reports, BMC Gastroenterology).


2021 Excellent Service Award/ Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association International Nursing Research Conference

2021 Early career investigator scholarship/ Boot Camp, Columbia University

2020 Pre-doctoral fellowship award/ University of Connecticut

2018 Anne Bavier Fund for Doctoral Education in Nursing/ University of Connecticut

2018 John J. and Joan Couzens Sauer Endowed Nursing/ University of Connecticut

2017 Anne Bavier Fund for Doctoral Education in Nursing/ University of Connecticut

2017 John J. and Joan Couzens Sauer Endowed Nursing/ University of Connecticut

2016 Dean’s Nursing Scholarship/ University of Connecticut