Dr. Yufen Lin is an Assistant Professor, tenure track, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship (2023) at the Emory University Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. She received her Ph.D. in Nursing (2021) from Duke University, Master of Medicine (2017) from Fudan University, and Bachelor of Medicine (2014) from Central South University in China. Her research interests focus on cancer symptom science and management, omics science, innovative interventions (e.g., technology-based interventions), and health disparities and health equity. Dr. Lin has launched a programmatic line of cancer symptom research guided by the NIH Symptom Science Model. Currently, she is leading a research grant funded by the Oncology Nursing Foundation (ONF2022RE03) to conduct a clinical trial at the Winship Cancer Institute to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a web-based dyadic intervention to manage psychoneurological symptoms for patients with colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy and their family caregivers.

Areas of Expertise

Biological Behavioral Omics
Caregiver Well Being
Health Disparities
Palliative Care And End Of Life
Symptom Science


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Complete List of Published Work in My Bibliography: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/lin.yufen.1/bibliography/public/


Dr. Lin has  extensive experiences in teaching and mentoring pre-licensure to  graduate-level nursing students online and in person. She has received a  Certificate in College Teaching from Duke University and a Certificate in the  Scientists Teaching Science Program from Emory University. She was an  instructor in the Duke-Fudan Schools of Nursing International Education  Program that engaged students from two countries in a virtual, transcultural  simulation course to learn together during the COVID-19 pandemic and promote  collaborations in nursing education. Dr. Lin was invited to provide guest  lectures at different renowned universities in China and the United States.  Her teaching philosophies and strategies are encouraging student-oriented and  active learning, guiding research-based learning, and fostering a supportive  learning environment where students from all backgrounds can learn to think  critically, excel in nursing knowledge and skills, and achieve their highest  potential. Her teaching interests focus on oncology nursing, geriatrics and  gerontology, evidenced-based practice, transcultural nursing simulation,  statistics, and research methods and seminars. Dr. Lin is committed to a  long-term career in nursing education and scholarship.


Dr. Lin has 22  peer-reviewed publications (till May 2023) in various high-impact journals  and received five research grants from the American Cancer Society, Oncology  Nursing Society and Foundation, and intramural funds. She was a recipient of  the Distinguished Dissertation Award from Duke University, “Rising Star” at  the Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Congress, and Excellent  Service Award at the Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association  International Nursing Research Conference. She is an active member of ten  professional organizations (e.g., Oncology Nursing Society, Multinational  Association of Supportive Care in Cancer) and serves as a manuscript reviewer  for eight interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journals, such as Supportive Care  in Cancer and Frontiers in Psychology. She aspires to become an outstanding  nurse scientist through leading a multidisciplinary team to develop  innovative interventions to improve health outcomes of cancer patients and  their families, and tailor these interventions to underserved cancer  populations to address health disparities and enhance health equity.


2022-2023  Professional Development Award, Office of Postdoctoral Education, Emory  University
2021 Winship Scientific Symposium Award, Winship Cancer Institute’s  Scientific Symposium
2021 Excellent Service Award, Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association Conference
2021 Distinguished Dissertation Award, Duke University
2021 Best of Late-Breaking Abstract, The 46th Oncology Nursing Society Annual  Congress
2020 Featured Research Presenter Award, The 7th Duke Cancer Institute  Scientific Retreat
2019 Rising Star Award, Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Congress
2019-2020 Doctoral Research Scholarship, Oncology Nursing Foundation
2019 Congress Scholarship, Oncology Nursing Foundation
2019-2020 Pilot Study Award, Duke University School of Nursing
2019 TRUE Leadership Scholarship, International Students Inc.
2019 Travel Scholarship, Duke University Graduate School
2018-2021 Summer Research Fellowship, Duke University Graduate School
2017-2021 Doctoral Fellowship, Duke University
2017 Excellent Graduate Student Award, Fudan University
2015-2017 Academic Graduate Fellowship, Fudan University
2011 National Encouragement Scholarship, Central South University
2010 National Scholarship, Central South University