Dr. Sangmi Kim is an Assistant Professor, tenure track, and joined the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing in August 2019. Dr. Kim earned her doctoral degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing with her dissertation addressing the role of chronic stress in the different maternal age patterns of preterm birth (PTB) among four major racial/ethnic groups of pregnant women in the U.S. Her former training in Health Demography during a master's program contributed to shaping her areas of research that analyze population-level health phenomena through biopsychosocial and cultural lenses. Her research in this field continued and deepened during her two-year postdoc training at Duke University School of Nursing. Her postdoctoral research proposed to use machine learning in order to investigate racial/ethnic groups' potentially unique exposures and responses to chronic social stress that would determine an individual woman's likelihood of PTB.

Also, Dr. Sangmi Kim, as a project coordinator, has participated in multiple pilot and national-level research projects that developed and tested culturally tailored, technology-based intervention programs among Asian American women in unique health needs (e.g., midlife women and breast cancer survivors).

Moreover, Dr. Sangmi Kim was a co-investigator on TICAA (Technology-based Information and Coaching/Support Program for Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors)-Sprint team sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Through the NCI's Sprint program, Dr. Kim had received intense training to build a viable business model so that innovative research products can be translated or commercialized into the real-world practice in clinical and community settings to help patients and their family.

Through her scholarly works, Dr. Kim is committed to reducing the racial/ethnic disparities in women's and fetal health outcomes by identifying at-risk populations based on their psychosocial & biological chronic stress profiles as well as cultivating their resilience.

Areas of Expertise

Data Science
Health Disparities
Public Health Public Health Nursing
Vulnerable Populations
Womens Health


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I have taught the following courses for the prelicensure program:

NRSG-539MN Optimal Wellness Across Lifespan

NRSG 322 Health Promotion and Well-Being

NRSG 371 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice


“Building a Social Media Platform for Surveillance andSupport of Intimate Partner Violence and its Victims during COVID-19 andBeyond,”

(Sangmi Kim & Abeed Sarker)

The Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (IPRCE)




“Chronic Stress Linguistic Markers on Social Media,”

(Sangmi Kim)

Sigma Theta Tau International Alpha Epsilon Chapter ResearchAward




“Psychosocial Determinants, Gut Microbiome, Sleep and MentalHealth among Chinese and Korean Immigrants in the Greater Atlanta Area,”

(Jinbing Bai & Sangmi Kim)

Senior Vice President for Research Global Research PilotGrant (Phase 1), Emory University