Dr. Madelyn Houser is a Research track Assistant Professor affiliated with the Center for Data Science in the School of Nursing. She is experienced in biomedical and basic research and has the technical skills to conduct rigorous, reproducible analyses of large data sets including those generated in omics assays.

Dr. Houser’s undergraduate training was in biochemistry and microbiology. She then earned her Ph.D. in Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis from Emory’s Laney Graduate School. Her dissertation demonstrated the potential for intestinal inflammation to contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease. She maintained her focus on perturbations of the gut environment and inflammation as a postdoc with Dr. Vicki Hertzberg in the SON Center for Data Science, continuing studies on Parkinson’s disease and applying similar approaches in projects related to other neurodegenerative diseases, as well asto heat-related illness and hypertension. Dr. Houser has extensive laboratory and computational research experience in studies of the interplay between gut microbes and the host immune system and the role of inflammatory processes in chronic disease.

Dr. Houser works collaboratively with numerous research teams, contributing topical as well as methods expertise and technical skills in bioinformatics and analysis of omics data sets. Her current projects include studies of gut-brain connections in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease, mechanisms of heat-related illness and kidney disease in agricultural workers, factors which contribute to symptom severity in individuals living with multiple chronic health conditions, and drivers of dysfunction of pancreatic islet cells in type 2 diabetes. Consistent themes in Dr. Houser’s research are the integration of multiple data sources(often including microbiome, metabolomics, and/or inflammation-related data)and assessment of the interactions of complex systems to identify risk factors and contributors to adverse health outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

Biological Behavioral Omics
Data Science
Neurocognitive Disease


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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Goldwater Scholarship