Erica Davis

Erica Davis

Assistant Professor


Dr. Davis completed her BSN at Howard University and her MS and PhD at Emory University School of Nursing and Laney Graduate School. She was a Yale-Howard Scholar/trainee, and this inspired her to pursue doctoral studies at Emory along with a sincere passion to assist vulnerable populations with unmet care needs and close the gaps in health care resulting from disparities. She has worked several years as a primary care nurse and case manager with a sub-specialty in heart failure (HF) care and chronic conditions. Her interests in this population developed early on in her career where she practiced in outpatient case management for the care and long-term management of patients with chronic conditions including respiratory disorders, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and HF. She serves as a nurse volunteer and care coordinator for Good Samaritan Health Center while working as an Assistant Clinical Professor and Teaching Fellow with Emory University School of Nursing.

Areas of Expertise

Acute And Chronic Care
Biological Behavioral/omics
Cardiovascular Health
Health Disparities
Health Services Research
Symptom Science
Teaching & Learning


Erica Davis, Melinda Higgins, Kathryn Wood, Jeannie Cimiotti, Rebecca Gary, Sandra B.Dunbar. (2021). Sex Differences for Cardiac Risk Factors in Young Adults: A Secondary Analysis and Surveillance Study. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. DOI: 10.1097/JCN.0000000000000888. PMID: 35170485.

Erica Davis, Sandra B. Dunbar, Erin Ferranti, Melinda Higgins, Kathryn Wood, Alanna Morris, BrittanyButts. (2022). Heart Failure Symptom Burden, Dietary Intake, and Inflammation: An Integrative Review of the Literature. Journal of Integrative Nursing. DOI: PMID: 37727310.

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Brittany Butts, Andrea Madariaga, Erica Davis, and Sandra B. Dunbar. Sex Differences inRelationships Between Inflammation and Symptoms in Persons with Heart Failure. (2022). Emory Scientific Communication Advances Research Excellence Session.


Dr. Davis contributes to nursing education in community health, ambulatory nursing, simulation, professional development courses, and with social determinants of health. Dr. Davis is passionate about closing gaps in nursing education as well as creating innovative ways of learning for all students from all backgrounds. She is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Teaching Scholar and serves as the Leadership Succession Chair for Sigma-Honor Society for Nursing.


Dr. Davis is an Assistant Professor, Clinical Track, and her research is focused on heart failure populations, symptom science, inflammation, socio-cultural perceptions, hospital readmissions and outcomes, and nutrition. She graduated doctoral school with honors and completed her post-doctoral training as a T32 Nurse Scientist (National Institutes of Health) with Emory University School of Nursing. She is the co-chair for the Southern Nursing Research Society Biobehavioral research implementation group.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Faculty Fellow-Emory University School of Nursing

T32 Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Trainee

Sigma Theta Tau- Honors Society of Nursing Member and Award Recipient

Southern Nursing Research Society Dissertation Award

Business Life Concepts for Life Scientists- Certificate of Completion

Emory Foundations for Online Teaching Badge