Calli is an Associate Professor, clinical track, and over the last seven years Calli has worked as an FNP in primary/urgent care and in neurosciences. Calli has worked to improve quality in neurology and was appointed to the American Academy of Neurology’s Headache Quality Measures task force, which works to create quality measures in headache medicine. Calli also serves as the Chair of the Consortium of Neurology Advanced Practice Providers within the American Academy of Neurology. Her top objectives while serving in this role are to facilitate networking between APPs working in various neurology settings, improve professional development and education of neurology APPs, and identify efficient practice models for best utilization of the APP workforce. Calli is committed to the role of neuroscience NP and by focusing on these key factors she feels that both patient care and NP role satisfaction can be improved.

Areas of Expertise

Neurocognitive Neuroscience


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