Chance Nicholson

Chance Nicholson

Assistant Professor, research track


Dr. William “Chance” Nicholson is an Assistant Professor, research track, and joined the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing in August 2019. He received his PhD from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a focus on neurophysiological correlations between the vagus nerves’ cholinergic pathways and HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. Dr. Nicholson's research interests are on psychophysiological substrates that form the basis of cognitive-behavioral symptoms often observed in inflammatory-based psychiatric mental health disorders, in particular trauma-based disorders.

Areas of Expertise

Biological Behavioral Omics
Hiv Aids
Mental Health
Symptom Science
Veteran Health


Nicholson, W.C., Kempf, M.C., Shacka, J.J., Clay., O.J., Fazeli., P.L., & Vance, D.E. (2019). Heart rate variability and cognitive function in HIV-seropositive women living with HIV.

Vance, D.E., Fazeli, P.L., Cheatwood, J., Nicholson, W.C., Morrison, S., & Moneyham, L.D. (2018). Targeting HIV-related neurocognitive impairments with cognitive training strategies: Insights from the cognitive aging literature. Current Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Nicholson, W. C., Kempf, M. C., Moneyham, L., & Vance, D.E. (2017). The potential role of vagus nerve stimulation in the treatment of HIV-associated depression: A review of literature. Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment.

Book Chapters:
Nicholson, W. C., & Keltner, N. L. Antidementia drugs (2019). Psychiatric Nursing, 8th Edition. Status: In Press

Nicholson, W. C., & Keltner, N. L. Legal issues (2019). Psychiatric Nursing, 8th Edition. Status: In Press

Nicholson, W. C., & Johnson, K. Sexual disorders (2019). Psychiatric Nursing, 8th Edition. Status: In Press

Recent Presentations:

Nicholson, W.C., Moneyham, L., & Vance, D.E. (2019, October). The Central Autonomic Memory Network: A Theoretical Model for Understanding the Neurobiological Basis of Trauma and Suicidal Behaviors. Pre-Conference Podium Presentation. 33rd Annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

Nicholson, W.C., Durand, S., & Carpenter, J. (2018, October). Trauma-Based Disorders and the Cardio-Neural Mechanisms Involved in Dysfunctional Self-Regulation. Pre-Conference Podium Presentation. 32nd Annual American Psychiatric Nurses Association Conference, Columbus, Ohio

Nicholson, W.C., Johnson, K., Vance, D.E., & Speck, P.M. (2017, October). A Slippery Slope – The Relationship Between Trauma Physiology and Chronic Disease. Podium Presentation at the 2017 International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice, Toronto, Canada


Dr. Nicholson enjoys teaching Psychiatric Mental Health to both undergraduate and graduate students.


Dr. Nicholson's research expertise is in psychiatric mental health. His research primarily focuses on biobehavioral aspects of neurocognitive and trauma-based disorders.