Simulation Lab

Simulation Lab

High-Fidelity Simulation

The Charles F. and Peggy Evans Center for Caring Skills and the Wesley Woods Graduate Simulation and Skills Facility at Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing are multifaceted simulation labs used to promote quality patient care and safety.

About the Lab

The Evans Center facility is equipped with a total of 14 high-fidelity human patient simulator mannequins of varying gender, ethnicity and ages. There are also 18 low fidelity mannequins, which are all used to provide a variety of educational experiences from the novice to the expert clinician. The Evans Center facility also has a variety of audio-visual capability to meet the needs of faculty and students. The Wesley Woods facility presently houses 12 fully equipped patient examination rooms with audio-visual capability as well as multi-purpose room for skills and lab. There are plans to expand the Wesley Woods space.

The Evans Center facility itself is comprised of six separate rooms: one dedicated to nursing fundamentals, one for infants and neonates, two rooms modeled after patient care areas, and one laboratory space. The patient care areas are equipped with hospital beds, tables, and individual otoscope/opthalmoscopes as well as other diagnostic equipment. The laboratory area may be used for dissection of organs, identification of microbes, and advanced skills such as suturing, invasive line placement and lumbar puncture. In addition, there are three private exam rooms that can be used for teaching purposes or for patient consultation.

Lab Locations

Room  P14 ,P16, P20, P28, P30, P32 and P34

Lab Contacts

Hours of Operation

Hours correspond to the class/laboratory schedule each semester. Additional practice hours can be scheduled by appointment with lab coordinator based upon space availability.

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