SON alumna and CDC epidemiologist, Michelle Dynes, and her colleague, Anne Purfield, recount to NBC News their time spent in Sierra Leone caring for Ebola victims and their families. Dynes and Purfield describe the merciless virus and its impact on entire families. 

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SON alumna and CDC epidemiologist, Michelle Dynes, along with her colleague, Anne Purfield, have been on the front lines of death and destruction many times as CDC infectious disease experts. They say West Africa was different.

"It's one thing to go into an area and have an idea of what you want to accomplish and then something very different when you're making relationships and you care deeply about the people who are getting sick. Every time I saw a child, I thought of my own children," said Dynes, a mother of three.

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Emory Healthcare has launched an external website that will serve as a resource for health care organizations regarding best practices for safe and effective screening, diagnosis and treatment for patients with Ebola virus disease.

The new website, with the ability to freely download information, is publicly available.

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