Computer support is available for faculty and staff during normal business hours 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Please email

Reasonable efforts are made to resolve issues according to the customer’s schedule. In general, customers’ should receive a reply or have the issue resolved within one business day. We reserve the right to prioritize problem tickets according to severity and urgency.

Computer support from the university’s central IT unit, Library and Information Technology Services (LITS), can be obtained by calling their Service Desk at 404-727-7777 or submitting a web form request at LITS support is mainly limited to the central IT resources they control. This includes Office365 email, Canvas, OPUS/Peoplesoft, and Emory Box. LITS does not support resources maintained exclusively by the school, such as desktop computing and printing. In cases where LITS is asked for help on a resource that resides locally in the school, the LITS Service Desk will refer you back to the IT staff in the school.

Students should contact LITS Student Digital Life for support of their personal computers. They are located in the Learning Commons at Woodruff Library. This service is available to students only.

Video Conferencing

NHWSN Videoconferencing Best Practices

ZOOM Meeting Checklist


The School of Nursing has a total of 415 desktop and laptop computers. About 350 of these computers are for faculty/staff use. These range from new Pentium Core i5 7th-generation computers down to older Pentium Core i5 4th-generation computers. A four year replacement schedule allows for continual replenishment of our computing environment.

Our student computer lab contains an additional 12 Dell desktops (Pentium Core i5 6th-generation). Our 12 “smart” classrooms contain desktop computers, projectors and Crestron brand control systems.

Thirty network laser printers are available for faculty, staff, and students. Sixty non-network printers provide professors and key staff members with the capability to print confidential documents.


One Dell PowerEdge server provides network printing services for faculty and staff, and Windows Deployment and Update services. Fault-tolerance is provided by RAID level 5, striping with parity.

Network file storage service is provided by LITS Trusted Storage which meets HIPAA compliance.


Network service and equipment is the responsibility of the Library and Information Technology Services (LITS).

The School of Nursing building has gigabit switched Ethernet connections to each computer. Each of the five floors has a network switch. The switches on each floor connect to the master switch for the building with a gigabit Ethernet connection. The master switch connects to the campus backbone via a gigabit Ethernet connection.

Wireless networking access points are located throughout the entire building. Wireless is also available at most other campus locations.

LITS has a policy against customers adding “intrusive” devices (e.g. port splitters, hubs, switches, routers, wireless access points, multi-homed PC's) to the network. LITS states that “Any violations of standards, procedures, or guidelines pursuant to this policy may result in a disconnection of network services…” Please see the Network Connection Policy for the complete policy statement.