The Center for Data Science

Breakthrough Technologies for a Better Nursing Future

Emory nurses are leveraging the power of big data and developing technologies to redefine the future of nursing. Research teams at NHWSN—including students of every level—are discovering solutions for today’s biggest health system challenges by: 

  • Creating lifesaving apps, such as Take2Heart®, which is helping providers to correctly diagnose childhood hypertension. Take2Heart has already been adopted by the Georgia Department of Public Health & is to be included in preschool screening forms state-wide
  • Advancing the sciences of virtual reality, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring. NHWSN devices, such as a telehealth toolkit produced by DNP student Kandra Horne, are helping Emory nurses to be there for patients—across distances, during disasters, and regardless of ability to pay
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI); Project NeLLTM, for example, is scouring nurse’s notes—an enormous source of untapped data—to gain long-hidden insights about patient care (under development)

Project NeLL

Project NeLLTM (Nurse’s e-HR Learning Library), developed by the Nursing School’s Center for Data ScienceTM (CDS), is a big data repository—and it is fundamentally changing the research process for health scientists. NeLLTM allows users to make sense of vast stores of de-identified (HIPAA compliant) patient data, extract trends, and gain meaningful insights in just a few clicks.

Project NeLLTM offers:

  • Access to electronic health record (eHR) information from Georgia’s most comprehensive health system, Emory Healthcare
  • Data from more than 800 million health records spanning 2012 to 2018
  • A straightforward interface that anyone can use

With access to technologies like NeLLTM, students can complete capstones and doctoral dissertations in a fraction of the time. That means the evidence-based products and solutions that NHWSN students develop are more likely to make it from bench to bedside—and actually impact patient care. 

In addition to gaining hands-on experience with CDS tools, students are able to complete innovative courses like NRSG 741:Big Data Analytics for Healthcare, in which they learn how to develop their own devices, software, and applications. This training empowers students to pursue careers in nursing entrepreneurship and informatics; it also gives them the skills they need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving health system.

Starting in 2020, NeLLTM will be available to investigative teams outside the Nursing School too. Researchers from across Emory University and around the nation will be able to consult NeLLTM on urgent questions surrounding patient care. Hospital leaders, floor managers, human resource personnel—anyone with a hypothesis about the state of our health system can find answers using this database. Email to learn about subscribing.

Everything you need to know about Project NeLLTM