Del Bold

Del Bold

Rsch Data/Informatics Spec, Sr


Ms.Bold is a full-stack engineer with emphasis on ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Java, Objective-C and various JavaScript frameworks. Last few years, she have been developing systems to advance medical research & patient care in hospitals and acquired skills from designing web APIs, UI, EMR data visualization to product development cycle. She has been involved in building clinical databases in various forms and worked with GE BedMaster, Philips and Natus software outputs for machine learning analysis. She also had some experience deploying ML models on web apps and iOS devices with wearable technologies. In my recent projects, she has been working as Cloud/Solutions architect and gained quite an experience with AWS, AZURE Cloud technologies and its use cases.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Languages: JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, Java, Django, C/C++, R, Matlab, PHP, Swift
  • Web Front-End: ReactJs, Material UI, CSS, jQuery, HTML, Flask.
  • Back-End and Database: NodeJS, HapiJS, ExpressJS, Sequelize, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL, NoSQL, JSON, XML, Hadoop.
  • Cloud: GCS, Azure, AWS and IBM.

Areas of Expertise

Full Stack Development
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Cloud Solution Architect
Signal Processing
Image Processing