PhD Student Profiles

Amy BlumlingAmy A. Blumling, RN, BSN:  Research interests include family management in pediatric, adolescent, and young adult populations with chronic conditions or disorders. Specific interests focus on family management and experiences in individuals with the Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy 48, XXYY variation. (BSN, Emory University, 2012).

Erica Davis, RN, BSN:  Interested in the heart failure population, specifically, how to assist patients with symptom management and eliminating barriers to care. Additional research interests: emotional health interventions for patients with chronic conditions and addressing deficits in patient education. (BSN, Howard University, 2010)   




Tommy FlynnTommy Flynn, RN, CPN: Research and practice interests center around pediatric palliative nursing care as it pertains to quality of life in the context of chronic disease. (BSN, 2010, Emory University)

 Carolina Gustafson, MSN, ACNP-BC: Research interests include end-of-life and palliative care interventions for patients and families in critical care settings (MSN, Yale University, 2018).

Kent W. HaythornKent W. Haythorn, MS, RN:  Research interests include leadership, governance structures and models of care, specifically the role power plays in the nurse/patient/physician relationship and possible changes in outcomes for patients and families. Other interests include the developing role of the nurse in the era of the Affordable Care Act and exploring the concept of professional nurses as active partners in health care delivery. (MS, 2003, Nazareth College)


Sheila JordanSheila Jordan, RN, BSN, MPH: Research interests include chronic disease manifestations of pregnancy related hypertensive disorders, biological markers for preeclampsia and health promotion. Other interests include preconception health and reproductive justice. (BSN, Emory University, 2010)

Haerim Lee, MSN, BSN, RN: Research interests focus on the management of cancer-related and patient-reported symptoms based on each individual's cultural background and needs, particularly for the patients with gynecologic cancer. Other interests include the prevention and early-detection of gynecological diseases. (MSN, Seoul National University, 2017)



Jade McBroomJade McBroom, RN: Research interests include health disparities in African American women living with HIV with a focus on reproductive and mental health.  (BSN, University of Florida, 2015)

Meridith R. MikulichMeridith R. Mikulich, MPH, BSN: Research interest focuses on sexual and reproductive health in low-resource settings, especially in Africa. Other research interests include: family planning and unsafe abortion practices, mother-to-child transmission of HIV, adolescent health, and promotion of healthy behavior change. (BSN, 2011, Emory University)


Mary Claire Montilus, RN, BSN:  Research interests include interventions for chronic conditions related to self-care, treatment adherence and quality of life. Other interests include mental health well-being and behavior adaptability to long-term conditions in patients. (BSN, Emory University, 2018)




Jordan MurphyJordan R. Murphy, BSN: BSN: Research interests include mechanisms underlying the microbiome-gut-brain axis and stress response in African American infants. (BSN, Emory University 2015)

 Daniel Smith, BSN, BA, RN: Research interests include vulnerable populations, specifically issues impacting Latino health in the Southern US. Other interests include the impact of the environment on human health and implementation science. (BSN, Emory University, 2018).



Taylor ThulTaylor Thul, BSN, RN: Research interests include high risk pregnancy and poor birth outcomes in adolescents.  Other interests include care of parents in the neonatal intensive care unit and neonatal palliative care. (BSN, University of South Carolina, 2012).


Class of 2017

Elizabeth BilsboroughElizabeth Bilsborough, RN, BSN, BA: Research interests include conversations in end-of-life care, particularly for patients with advanced chronic illness who have been admitted to the intensive care unit. Other interests include early palliative care, advance care planning, and facilitating a "good death" (BSN, Emory University, 2017).

Sarah Febres-CorderoSarah Febres-Cordero, RN, BSN: Research interests include injury prevention and harm reduction in communities where opioid use and overdose is common. (BSN, Emory University, 2017)

Amy GreenblattAmy Greenblatt, MPH, BNS, RN: Research interests include the promotion of mental health and prevention of risk behaviors in adolescent and young adult populations. (MPH, 2015, Emory University; BS N, 2016, Emory University)

Carrie Henry Carrie Henry, MSN, CNM: Research interests include prenatal palliative care and care for families experiencing perinatal loss. (MSN, Medical University of South Carolina, 2005)

Rosemary Kinuthia Rosemary Kinuthia, DNP, MPH, FNP-C: Research interests focus on issues related to human resources for health in developing countries. Other interests include reducing disparities & health inequities, increasing access to care, & improving health outcomes among people living with HIV. (DNP, Emory University, 2017).

Moka YooJasmine Nakayama, BSN, RN, CEN: Research interests include health care quality and care coordination. Other interests include education and training of nurses. (BSN, Augusta University, 2011)

Class of 2016

Julianne AmmiratiJulianne Ammirati, BSN, RN: Research interests include the risk factors of postpartum depression and gene by environment interactions that may predispose women to mood disorders in the perinatal period. (BSN, Emory University, 2016).

Roxana Chicas Roxana Chicas, BSN, RN: Research interests include environmental exposures and occupational health hazards among the Hispanic population. Other interests include identifying culturally appropriate interventions and increasing health literacy in the Hispanic community. (BSN, Emory University, 2016)

Alyssa MondaAlyssa Monda, RN, BSN: Research interests include investigating the relationship between exercise, the microbiome, and chronic inflammation associated with cardiovascular disease and HIV. (BSN, Johns Hopkins University, 2016)

Rachel WolfRachel Wolf, RN, BSN, MPH: Research interests include health education interventions for chronic disease self-management. Current research focuses on the clinical use of Event History Calendars to facilitate patient-centered diabetes self-management. (BSN, Kennesaw State University, 2013)