Center for Neurocognitive Studies

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Thank you for taking time to visit our website. The faculty and staff that work with Emory University’s Center for Neurocognitive Studies (CNS) are pleased to share our ideas and resources with you.

The goal of the CNS is to advance the scientific understanding of how long term disease can lead to problems with cognitive skills (like concentration, memory, and planning) and emotional distress. By understanding how and why these cognitive and emotional symptoms develop and are maintained, we can be better equipped to offer the most effective treatments to help patients live active, independent lives.

Our faculty is engaged in studies that try to solve these challenges with a host of different diseases, conditions, and populations. Cross disciplinary work is a key feature of this work and we invite you to look over our website and see how the CNS can stimulate and facilitate your own research interests and capacity -- and see, too, whether you might want to explore partnering with us in your work.

Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, PhD
Director/Principal Investigator
Center for Neurocognitive Studies (CNS)