Center Leadership - leads and provides support for the overall goal of the Center

Biobehavior and Methods Core Leadership - supports the Center with resources and research infrastructure

Center Leadership

Drenna Waldrop-Valverde - Director

Drenna Waldrop-ValverdeDr. Waldrop-Valverde is a licensed psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychology. She has been Principal Investigator on four NIH grants (R03 MH074664, R21 MH084814, R01 DA18066, R01 MH092286) in the area of cognition and HIV/AIDS and has led and collaborated on numerous studies investigating the neurocognitive and psychosocial antecedents and consequences of self-management of HIV infection for nearly 15 years. Her program of research has helped to disentangle the role cognitive impairment plays in medication management and adherence in HIV/AIDS. Dr. Waldrop-Valverde’s research was among the first to identify HIV associated neurocognitive impairment as a risk for non-adherence to HIV medications and to further convey the compounding risks of low health literacy and cognitive impairment on non-adherence to HIV treatment. She has helped to expand our understanding of health literacy by demonstrating essential, underlying skills necessary to be health literate.

Visit Google Scholar for a complete list of Dr. Waldrop-Valverde's publications.

Ken Hepburn - Associate Director

Ken HepburnKen Hepburn's work recognizes the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses, particularly in the context of the growing size of the elderly population - and the ever-increasing diversity of that population. His work also recognizes the central role that families and the natural communities with which the chronically ill are connected play in caring for the chronically ill and helping them to remain as independent as possible in their community settings.

Visit Google Scholar for a complete list of Dr. Hepburn's publications.

Biobehavior and Methods Core Leadership

Elizabeth Corwin-Co-Director

Elizabeth CorwinBetsy Corwin, PhD, RN, CRNP, is a doctorally-prepared physiologist and a certified family nurse practitioner who conducts research to better understand the underlying biology of postpartum depression and postpartum fatigue. Corwin’s research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Association of Women’s Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the American Nurses Foundation. Corwin comes to Emory from the University of Colorado. She currently serves as the Associate Dean for Research at Emory’s School of Nursing.

Visit Google Scholar for a complete list of Dr. Corwin's publications.

Bryan Williams-Co-Director

Bryan WilliamsBryan Williams joined the School of Nursing in May 2012 as a research associate professor. His research has focused primarily in the areas of perinatal, pediatric, and environmental epidemiology and policy. His research also involves the examination of factors related to health and educational disparities among children.

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