Faculty Compliance

The following information will help you fulfill requirements for faculty in the School of Nursing. It includes policies, procedures for completing the requirements, forms and details on the topic areas.

Presentation of your original Georgia Nursing License and paperwork supporting other certifications or credentials is required each year. Without exception, new employees must submit their original license and certification prior to their official date of hire (first day on the payroll at Emory).

Your degree will be verified through the Background Check process listed below. Advantagestudents.com will verify the following information with the University: Dates attended, Degree Program and Date of Graduation.

Georgia Board of Nursing

Georgia Board of Nursing, frequently asked legal questions

Prior to the first day of hire, you must submit the following two forms and complete the online submission of information for background investigation and drug screen.

Directions for completing online using Advantagestudents.com

Criminal Background Investigation faculty policy

Both Forms are required:

Form 1) Background Investigation faculty release form

Form 2) Drug Screen faculty release form

To complete this online training prior to your first day of hire. Go to Emory’s Advanced Learning Platform (ALP):

Login using your Emory computer Network ID. Network ID Example: if your email address is msmith02@emory.edu, your network ID is msmith02.

The password is “changeme”. Once you login, you will be prompted to change the password to your choice. You will be guided through the tutorial and prompted to take the tests by the program. For assistance with the ALP program, please contact Sonia Delbridge at 404-727-2312. Sonia can assist with passwords, access to the system and any questions or problems you have.

Note: A score of 80% or higher is considered passing on each test. You should allow 2 hours to complete the test and must finish it at one sitting. If you do not complete the test, you will have to start at the beginning when you log back into that particular test. Only Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher can access ALP. Pop-up blockers must be turned off. This program is not MAC-compatible.

You will be listed as an Instructor, but you cannot view the student information. For verification of your students’ training, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs Services in the School of Nursing.


You are required to complete the HIPAA training only once—if you have already submitted documentation to the Office of Academic Affairs Services, you do not have to take the HIPAA test.


OSHA requires that Bloodborne Pathogens training be completed annually, regardless of previous training.

New faculty: must submit the forms within 10 days of hire in order to continue employment.

Returning faculty: must note the definition of clinical faculty below and must verify that all immunizations are up to date or submit updated documentation.

Required for all clinical faculty. Clinical Faculty or students are defined as those engaged in activities involving professional contact/interaction with patients, clients, families, and human subjects or those who are exposed to patient client, or human subjects.

If documentation is not available for an immunization, you will be required to go to Emory Healthcare Employee Health Services (Emory University Hospital, Room HB53, 1364 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30322, 404-686-8589) and be tested and/or immunized.

The School of Nursing will pay for the costs of the titer, PPD or immunization at Emory Employee Health, if you obtain a letter of authorization from your department chair’s assistant.

PPD’s are required once per year. Two step PPD required.

Form 5) Immunization Form, documentation instructions, details on PPD’s and each immunization. Note: Titers are required and new TDap requirements.

Release Form for Emory Healthcare employeesThis form gives Emory Healthcare Employee Health permission to provide us with copies of your documentation. For all other facilities and institutions, you must make the request.

Form 6) Affidavit of Varicella Immunity (titer required)

Form 7) Declination Form for Hepatitis B

Immunization Guidelines and Summary of CDC’s Recommendations for Adult Immunization

Definition of Clinical: The term “clinical” in this document applies to faculty members or students who are engaged in activities involving professional contact/interaction with patients, clients, families, and human subjects or those who are exposed to patients, clients, or human subjects. Therefore, faculty who engage in clinical practice, clinical teaching or clinical or research, including Service Learning projects that meet the above descriptions ARE obligated to comply with all requirements. A change in work assignment from non-contact to contact during the academic year should be reported to the department chair and all compliance requirements should be completed at that time. Faculty are responsible for the timely update of specified requirements

Faculty whose employment involves professional contact with patients, clients, families and or human subjects are required by the School of Nursing to present pre-employment and bi-annual documentation of an approved Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Certification (CPR) by the American Heart Association (this is the only approved certification.) An original card must be presented. BLS or higher as required by program; 2 year certification.

*If unable to complete CPR certification due to a disability, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs to request an accommodation to have the CPR requirement waived. A physician statement will need to be provided to the EOP Office giving the reason why the training cannot be performed. The EOP Office will then officially advise the SON whether or not this requirement should be waived.

Submit up-to-date electronic copy of your CV to Department Chair’s administrative assistant. (Update yearly or as changes are made).

If you have questions or concerns about any of these items, please contact your department chair.

All forms are to be returned to your department chair’s assistant.