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The Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing is now offering a "Building Nursing's Diverse Leadership at Emory" (BUNDLE) program that focuses on racial and ethnic minorities, men, and first generation college students, who are underrepresented among registered nurses. Emory is one of 12 nursing schools in the country to receive this competitive nurse-training grant.

The BUNDLE program will be supported by a $970,000 Nursing Workforce Diversity grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The grant is designed to help increase nursing education opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing student stipends, scholarships and mentorship opportunities.

The BUNDLE program's goal is to build nursing leaders in underserved populations by:

  • Reducing social, economic, and educational barriers to academic success
  • Helping to prepare nurses from diverse backgrounds to enter the public health nursing workforce
  • Supporting leadership skills and experience in the undergraduate environment
  • Encouraging an expectation of service to the community.

Students selected for the BUNDLE program will receive:

  • A $2,000 scholarship for the academic year
  • An $1,800 stipend distributed evenly over 9 months for academic purposes

Seniors (Cohort 2)

Eugenia Apau

Eugenia is originally from Ghana, West Africa and moved to United States for education purposes in 2012. Before nursing school, Eugenia worked as a certified nurse assistant and greatly admired the quality and level of individualized care nurses provided to their patients. As such, she desired to pursue a degree in nursing in order to impact the lives of others just as the nurses she witnessed. Enrolling at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing (NHWSON) has been a dream come true. Hence, with the resources and adequate training obtained from being a BUNDLE scholar, VANAP scholar and Emory Global Health Institute scholar, Eugenia hopes to give back to the nursing community back in her home country Ghana.

Elizabeth Balogun

Elizabeth is currently a senior BSN student at the School of Nursing. She always wanted to work in healthcare because she believes that everyone deserves to attain the highest level of health they can so that they can achieve their highest potential and become functional members of society. She was then drawn to Nursing when she realized how much of an opportunity nurses have on influencing health behaviors and knowledge based on their close interactions with patients. She hopes to become a global health nurse and nurse leader serving underserved populations around the world through public health interventions, health education and advocacy. She is currently the Director of Events of EISNA and a school of Nursing ambassador.

Pearl Sherly Mathews Boddu

Sherly is a BSN and International Student from India. She is also an Oxford continuee and views the two-year campus as an integral part of her college experience. Sherly is interested in Critical Care and improving health outcomes in underprivileged populations. Hence, she sees the BUNDLES program as a great opportunity to combine Nursing and Community Health. Sherly volunteers at the Clarkston Clinic and works in the Epidemiology Department at Rollins School of Public Health. She is also a member of Savera, Emory's only Indian-classical and fusion dance team

Safiya Eshe Cain

Safiya is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. Aside from being a BUNDLE scholar, she is also a VANAP and Lettie P. Whitehead scholar. She decided to become a nurse because she admired the nursing emphasis in caring for patients through the bio-psycho-social model. She is interested in serving marginalized communities and plans on focusing her nursing career in public and global health. This spring Safiya will be pursuing her goal of working in global health by going to the Dominican Republic for the Alternative Spring Bring trip. There she will have the opportunity to educate new mothers on kangaroo care and model doula care. Safiya is enthused for her growth in becoming a public health nurse.

Kevin Doyal Currie

Kevin is a BSN student at the School of Nursing who completed his first two years at Emory College of Arts and Sciences. He is in the Veterans Affairs Nursing Academic Partnership (VANAP program) and spent his summer working in the Surgical ICU through the VA Learning Opportunity Residency (VALOR program). He is researching inter-professional communication patterns in the operating room through the Honors Program. He is also a member of Emory's Men's Water Polo Team and serves as Event Coordinator of Emory's Chapter of the American Assembly of Men in Nursing (AAMN).

Ali Martin

Allison is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. She decided to become a nurse after watching nurses provide personalized care to one of her own family members. She is interested in the geriatric population and plans on working in the intensive care unit upon graduation. After two years of work, she wants to pursue her master's degree and apply to a acute geriatric nurse practitioner program. She is traveling with the School of Nursing to Nicaragua in December for an opportunity to serve vulnerable populations and expand her knowledge of public health nursing.

Alejandra Del Rocio Mendez

Alejandra is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. She chose nursing because of its personalized and holistic approach to patient care. She serves as a student ambassador at the school of nursing. She volunteers at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta, Emory Reads and at the Clifton School. She recently participated in the Farm Worker Family Health Program that delivers vital health care to farm workers and their children in Moultrie, Georgia. She is bilingual and plans to become a certified medical interpreter in order to reduce language barriers in Spanish speaking populations. Alejandra plans to pursue a nursing career in pediatric primary care.

Roya Shareefy

Roya is a BSN student at the School of Nursing and joined the BUNDLE program as an opportunity to learn more about public health nursing and how to apply leadership skills in the field of nursing. She is passionate about maternity nursing and serving the underprivileged population. She assisted in nursing research projects at the School of Nursing and serves in the executive board of the Emory Multicultural Student Nursing Association.

Monica R. Villarreal

Monica is a BSN Senior at the School of Nursing. After deciding to begin a career in healthcare, she chose to pursue nursing because of how rewarding it is to be able to change people's lives on a daily basis. Monica has used her leadership tools from BUNDLES in her roles as a Student Ambassador and President of the Emory Student Nursing Association (ESNA) on campus. After her clinical in Pediatrics and Summer Externship at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, she plans to begin pursuing a career in Pediatrics.

Juniors (Cohort 3)

Gloria Alafe

Gloria Alafe is a BSN student and believes that getting involved with BUNDLE as an opportunity to gain a holistic approach to nursing. She served as Ronald McDonald House Arts and Craft Coordinator for Project Sunshine and was also involved in Crossroads as a champion. She is currently a Tour Guide in the Emory College and Volunteer Chair for GMS. Gloria wants to bring more attention to mental health illness, trauma, and the lack of resources for victims who have suffered from sexual abuse. She would like to pursue an MSN-NP dual degree with a concentration in Global Health.

Isai Natan Flores

Isai is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. He is a Gates Millennium Scholar and a part of the nursing school’s Honor’s program. His parents are immigrants from El Salvador. However, he was born in New York City where he learned Spanish and English. Isai works closely with Camp Kesem which is an organization that sends children whose parents or relatives have suffered from cancer to summer camp for free. Through this organization, he has seen the secondary effects of cancer on mental health. One day he hopes to work with communities who have limited access to health care. He aspires to advocate for these communities and exhume any neglected social issues to the broader public.

Xiqin Huang

Xiqin Huang is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. Born in China, he moved to New York, Queens when he was 13 years old. He was awarded the Dean’s List at Emory College of Art and Science 3 times. He is also a current QTM Lab Assistant. Being a BUNDLE Scholar enables him to combine nursing knowledge and clinical practice in the field of public health.

Alex King

Alex King is a BSN student at Emory's School of Nursing. Alex grew up in the Atlanta area, and has spent his summers travelling, researching malnutrition in the Philippines, and working with kids with Autism. He decided to become a nurse because of the patient advocate role nurses provide to patients. Alex is interested in becoming an Emergency Department nurse and later to pursue Emory's ENP program or CRNA program.

Ariel Sarah McKenzie

Ariel McKenzie is an alumni of the Honors College at Miami Dade and former president of the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Ariel graduated from Miami Lakes Educational Center where she acquired hands on experience in the health care field as a nursing assistant. Witnessing the result of compassionate care across the lifespan led to a conformational decision to pursue a career in nursing. During her educational endeavors at Miami Dade College, she narrowed her interests to research and public health after serving in Managua, Nicaragua in collaboration with Panorama Service Expeditions. Ariel is now pursuing her nursing degree at the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University and wants to return to pursue her doctorate of nursing practice.

Stefka Mentor

Stefka is a junior in the traditional BSN program at the School of Nursing. She attended Emory College for her first two years of her undergraduate career but she is originally from New York. She was born in Haiti and speaks fluent Haitian-Creole and English. She is the Class President for the traditional BSN class of 2018 and I'm involved in Emory Pipeline and the Student Programming Council on campus. After graduation I plan on going on to Medical School and possibly one day work in Healthcare Administration

Aaron Montgomery

Aaron is a traditional BSN student at the school of nursing. His past experiences, which includes treating soldiers in Egypt, led him to a career in nursing. He recently attended the 2016 Georgia Association of Nursing Students Convention, which is motivating him to get involved with the Emory Student Ambassadors, and possibly Emory Student Nurses Association. Outside of school, Aaron maintains a job in the Emory Medical Laboratory. He is interested in emergency medicine, and hopes to obtain advanced degrees to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Jessica Nooriel

Jessica is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. She currently serves as the Resident Advisor for the Emory Bayit, an all-new Jewish co-op residential space on campus. She was recently recognized as a Samuel Bredow Scholar and Dean's List member for Emory College. She decided to become a nurse for its holistic views on both preventative and curative medicine. She has always been interested in exploring the various health practices and beliefs of different communities abroad, so she became a part of the Emory International Nursing Students Association (EISNA).

Aliyah Saadein

Aliyah is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. She decided to become a nurse because of the opportunity to have a direct, positive impact on patients and the community. She has been very proactive in nursing advocacy, as seen through her efforts of founding the Pre-Nursing club at Oxford College. She has ultimately come to the decision to become a women's health nurse practitioner which is an exciting decision that originates from her desire to assist women in the most exciting time of their lives.

Tyra C. Skinner

Tyra is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. After wanting to be a doctor, she decided to pursue nursing because it’s perfect combination of science and human interaction. She is interested in nursing education, mental health, and critical care.

Richelle St. Louis

Richelle St. Louis is a first year BSN student at Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University. She recently graduated from Oxford College of Emory University in the spring of 2016 with an Associates of Arts degree. She decided to become a nurse after volunteering at the Veterans Affair Medical Center in Atlanta. Richelle wants to become an activist who fights to extend healthcare advancement beyond the scope of a prospering nation and into the struggling communities of developing countries. She is a member of the EISNA and is extremely interested in global health nursing. Richelle wants to further her degree in the field of pediatric nursing and eventually work with Doctors without Borders.

Jordan Gabrielle Waites

Jordan is a BSN student at the School of Nursing. She has served on several mission trips to Alaska, New Mexico, and Lima, Peru. After observing the needs of these underserved populations, she is aiming to provide compassionate patient care on the mission field. She is interested in serving with Samaritan's Purse World Medical Missions outreach.

  • Applicants are expected to demonstrate a sincere interest in expanding leadership potential and enhancing community engagement in a public health arena
  • Applicants must be working toward a FIRST bachelor's degree
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Corey Harper
Program Coordinator, BUNDLES Program