Special Standing


Take Classes at Emory

Special Standing students are approved to take courses from the list below. To apply for special standing please visit https://apply.nursing.emory.edu/apply . Some courses are not offered every semester. You can find what courses are offered for the current and next semesters by going to Class Schedules

Please remember that students are only allowed to take a maximum of 12 credit hours in special standing status. For more information contact the Office of Admission at 404.727.7980 or nursingquestions@emory.edu

Approved list of courses for special standing:

  • NRSG 380 Health Assessment
  • NRSG 505 Research and Evidence Based Practice
  • NRSG 507 Theory & Research Applications
  • NRSG 513 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
  • NRSG 514 Intermediate Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (with permission from faculty)
  • NRSG 522 Adv. Pharmacology (with permission from program director)
  • NRSG 528 Adv. Physiology/Pathophysiology(with permission from program director)
  • NRSG 559 Genetics for Advanced Practice Nursing
  • NRSG 586 Leadership I: Personal and Professional Development
  • NRSG 591 Healthcare Quality and Safety
  • NRSG 599 Business of Health Care: Finance
  • NRSG 614 Human Lactation and Breastfeeding Management
  • NRSG 644 Adv. Continence Management (online)
  • NRSG 645 Adv. Ostomy Management (online)
  • NRSG 646 Adv. Skin and Wound Management (online)
  • NRSG 683 Human Sexuality in Health and Illness
  • NRSG 686 Health as Social Justice

* Curriculum, credit hours, and sequencing are subject to change.